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Land transportation
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Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Light Rail

The Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Light Rail is 143.7 kilometers long. There are 23 stations along the Light Rai. The Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Light Rail, powered by electricity, has the highest speed of 200 kmh. The nonstop train from Zhuhai can reach the new railway station in Guangzhou within about 41 minutes. Through 95105105 or 96020088, you can book tickets 4-12 days ahead by offering ID number or passport number etc..

City Transportation

Public bus routes reach every corner of the city proper. All buses are very new and have tidy interiors. Bus station waiting halls are in a unique harbor garden style. Most buses are equipped with self-service coin boxes and have no conductors. Therefore, passengers should have enough small change in advance before taking a bus (2.5 or 3 yuan for an air-conditioned bus, 1.5 yuan for a common bus).

Tourist buses are equipped with air-conditioning facilities and closed-circuit television. The main tourist routes are the East Route and the West Route. Buses on the East Route run every thirty minutes; buses on the West Route run every twenty minutes.

Zhuhai Sightseeing Buses drive along the east and west lines to cover major tourist attractions and urban landscapes in the city. They are all luxury air-conditioned buses with a broad field of vision, safe and comfortable.

Major stops of the east line:

Zhuhai Hotel--Gongbei Port--Lover’s Road South--Jiuzhou Port—the Coastal Swimming Pool—Fishing Girl—Zhuhai Martyrs’ Cemetery—Xiandzhou Port—the Sanatorium —Zhongshan University Zhuhai Campus—the Pearland—the International Motor Racing Circuit—Da Jinding

Major stops of the west line:
Zhuhai Hotel—White Lotus Cave Park—the New Yuan Ming Palace—Lost City—Jinji Road Intersection—North Mingzhu Road –Meixi Archways—Soilless Culture Tourism Base—Dongkeng Park—Fenghuang Hill Park

For the east line, the interval is 30 minutes and the fare is 3 yuan, and for the west line, the interval is 20 minutes and the fare is 2 yuan.

Business time is 7:00 through 20:00.
Tel: 0756-3378821, 3378381

Coach/Bus Transport

Based on the high-grade arterial highways, the Zhuhai highway system centers on the city and radiates outward to nearby counties and towns. It has established a land traffic network system that connects major towns, ports, the airport and the harbor. Highway coaches run to and from many major southern cities in the country.


More than 1000 taxis pass through all of the streets in Zhuhai. They stop at the wave of a hand and charge a marked price. The starting fare is 10 yuan (13 yuan after 12:00 p.m.), plus 2.4 yuan for each additional kilometer after that. If you encounter unreasonable charges or bad service quality, you can file a complaint by dialing the phone number marked on the taxis. For complaints call: 0756-2261133.

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