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In 1902, the Normal College of the Imperial University of Peking, the predecessor of Beijing Normal University was founded with the mission of initiating modern education and training talented professionals in China. For over a century, Beijing Normal University (BNU) has forged its deep culture, strong discipline and rich educational resources.

In 2001, at the celebration of its Centennial Anniversary, BNU seized the historical opportunity and took the lead in jointly establishing Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai (BNUZ) with the Zhuhai Municipal Government, which was a pioneering endeavor in educational innovation and reform. Over a decade, BNUZ has been developed into a dynamic new institution of higher learning,which is a wondrous achievement in the educational circles of South China.

BNUZ is always striving for excellence and ready to undertake its mission as an ivory tower of a modern, civilized society. It values freedom, profoundness, diversity and inclusiveness and resolves to usher in an atmosphere of equality, dialogue, criticism, creation, and reflection.Adhering to the law of education and focusing on training talented professionals, BNUZ has never ceased its efforts to promote learning, encourage creativity, serve the communities and take the lead in development. As an integral part of BNU’s strategic development of becoming a top-ranking university in the world, BNUZ has an unshakable duty of building itself into a top-class university.

BNUZ is committed to training high-caliber practical professionals. Our students, from all corners of the country, stand out among their peers and are here to receive an all-round education of freedom. We not only teach knowledge, but also highlight the cultivation of students’ comprehensive qualities and capabilities, encouraging them to gain practical experiences in the outside world. We also help students explore their potential and nurture their integrity, instilling positive values and perseverance in them so that they would become a conscientious advocate of virtuous social trends, successor of fine national tradition, and pioneer of the times.

Looking back on our previous achievements, we are proud; looking into the future of BNUZ, we are confident. We believe that, through our unswerving efforts, BNUZ will become a shining star in the Pearl River Delta area.

Prof. Qingyun Tu