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The Jing Hua Yuan  hotel(★★★★)
The  Jing Hua Yuan hotel is the first education oriented hotel established by the  university in Zhuhai city. The hotel is located in the picturesque Zhuhai Campus  of Beijing Normal University, surrounded by the green Phoenix Mountains and the  blue sea. It is adjacent to the exit of the Beijing-Zhuhai Speedway,20-minute  drive to Zhuhai downtown and 90-minutes drive city. The hotel takes on the  splendid Chinese tradition cultural heritage and the merit of respecting teacher  and education, takes advantage of the century-long tradition of Beijing Normal  University to create a new page of create a new page of incorporating business  into education. We provide you with excellence in service and elegance in  hospitality.
Room price: RMB200 Yuan-2680 Yuan  
Distance to BNUZ: located at BNUZ

The  Paradise Hill Hotel(★★★★★)
The  Paradise Hill Hotel (Zhuhai Shijingshan Luyou Zhongxin Dajiudian) is nestled in  the most picturesque region of Zhuhai. With the Nantian mountains as its  backdrop and a growing financial district as its neighbor. It is about 40km from  the airport.
Lovingly  restored by a Portuguese architect, the five-star hotel's bavarian cream facade,  balconies and neo-classical columns resemble the style and elegance of 16th  century European architecture. Paradise Hill Hotel offers more than 180  guestrooms and suites, many with spectacular views of the mountains and  lake.
For  business travelers, there is a fully equipped business center and conference  rooms. The Connoisseur Court is 600 square meters and comfortably seats 500  persons. There is also a tennis court, a fitness club, a sauna and an outdoor  swimming pool
The  hotel's restaurants offer Chinese, Continental, and Japanese cuisine as well as  international fare at the renowned food street.
Room price: RMB 328 Yuan-700  Yuan
Distance to BNUZ: 23.7 kilometers, approximately 41 minutes by car.  

The  Harbour View Hotel & Resort(★★★★★)
The  Harbour View Hotel & Resort is a self-contained hotel equipped with the  highest standard of entertainment and recreational facilities.
With  6 food and beverage outlets within the hotel, guests have a number of cuisines  to select from. The Harbour View Chinese Restaurant serves delectable Cantonese  specialties while the Sea Breeze Cafe serves a variety of international dishes  and local favorites.
Food  Street serves typical home favorites at affordable prices prepared by the  hotel's Master Chef from Hong Kong. The Sea View Lounge and Top of the Town are  both Lounge bars. Located on the 20th floor, Top of the Town offers superb  viewing over the South China Sea and outlying islands accompanied by the  soothing sound of the resident band.
Room price: RMB 576 Yuan-1,200  Yuan
Distance to BNUZ: 25.3 kilometers, approximately 40 minutes by car.  

Yindo  Hotel(★★★★★)
Yindo  Hotel, the first five star hotel in Zhuhai, opened on August 28th, 1988. It is  located right in the heart of Gongbei, the lively downtown area of Zhuhai, only  3 minutes’ drive to Gongbei Customs, 15 minutes’ drive to Jiuzhou Port and 45  minutes’ drive to Zhuhai Airport. With all the latest amenities and comforts,  Yindo Hotel aims for the standard “Customers First.” and provides super service  to guests from all over the world.
Yindo  Hotel has 320 guestrooms, including Presidential Suite, Deluxe Suite, Superior  and Standard rooms. In Yindo Hotel you can also enjoy some of the best food in  Zhuhai as we have 7 restaurants, each with its own style, such as Canton  cuisine, Shanghai cuisine, Hunan cuisine, western food with European or American  style and a full range of snacks. Besides, Yindo Hotel has Karaoke Club, Bowling  Alley, Snooker, Table Tennis, Sauna Center, Swimming Pool, Mini-golf Course and  Gym. Staying and dining in Yindo Hotel is always a remarkable  experience.
Room price: RMB 422 Yuan-1,300  Yuan
Distance to BNUZ: 28.9 kilometers, approximately 48 minutes by car.  

Zhuhai  Charming Holiday Hotel(★★★★★)
Zhuhai  Charming Holiday Hotel is an 5 star standard hotel. It is located at Zhuhai  Gongbei Port, a very well-developed commercial area, just right opposite of  Macau by a straight in the middle, linked with an underground shopping mall.  Besides, the Zhuhai bus transportation is just around the corner, Zhuhai airport  is 30 minutes drive, 10 minutes drive from Jiuzhou Harbor Port.
The  transportation around is so convenient, it has ease the travellers, shoppers and  all discerning guests . The exterior of hotel is classic yet elegant, decoration  and display is fully presenting a welcoming spirit to all our valuable guests,  our care and particularity are definitely serving our best to our  guest.
Room price: RMB 690 Yuan-1,000  Yuan
Distance to BNUZ: 29.8 kilometers, approximately 50 minutes by car.  

The  Cosmopolitan(★★★★★)
The  cosmopolitan, 30-floor Holiday Inn Zhuhai towers over the heart of the city's  bustling Jida commercial centre. Hop on our complimentary shuttle bus that runs  to Jiuzhou Port in 5 minutes for a 1-hour ferry ride to Hong Kong or Shenzhen.  The Macau border crossing is 10 minutes away by car and Zhuhai Sanzao  International Airport is 45 minutes.
Room price: RMB 790 Yuan-1,900  Yuan
Distance to BNUZ: 28.1 kilometers, approximately 45 minutes by car.  

Zhuhai  Dehan Hotel(★★★★★)
Zhuhai  Dehan Hotel is the most advanced business & conference hotel in Guangdong,  China. Located at the intersections of famous lover's Avenue and haijing Road.  It is really the best choice for your business conference, travel etc. 5 minutes  from Jiuzhou Port, 15 minutes from Zhuhai Gongbei Customs and 45 minutes from  Zhuhai Airprt. 534 guest room and suites offers view of mounta - in/sea,  satellite TV and closed - circuit TV, IDD, DDN mini - bar, electronic burglary -  resisting system,laundry service, 24 hours room service, safe, refrigerator,  electric heat kettle, weight balance etc, some rooms equipped with far infrared  ray light wave bathroom...
Room price: RMB 464 Yuan-2,100  Yuan
Distance to BNUZ: 25 kilometers, approximately 38 minutes by car.  

DiHao  Holiday Hotel(★★★★★)
DiHao  Holiday Hotel to the overall European style classical style building, Zhuhai  most unique tourist resort hotels. Ho and her Timor hotel in the customs luxury  decoration, the international professional management services, and  distinguished guests will provide ideal accommodation leisure as well. The hotel  has designed fashion between sections 328 luxurious guest rooms comfortable,  grandiose; All guest rooms, equipped with central air-conditioning control, the  independent bathroom, mini bar, electronic safe, international satellite  television, broadband internet access and domestic and international telephone  calls; Hotel also has a no-smoking floors, business visitors and holiday makers  with the ideal result.
Room price: RMB 288 Yuan-600  Yuan
Distance to BNUZ: 24.7 kilometers, approximately 40 minutes by car.  

Kingward  International Hotel(★★★★★)
Kingward  International Hotel is a five –star deluxe full sea view hotel which is  exclusively built according to the international standard. I t is located at  beautiful Qinglu S. Road, which is nearby Jiuzhou Harbour and Gongbei Port. It  just takes you five minutes’ drive to go there. So, Kingward International Hotel  is your first choice of business travel and holiday leisure. Entering Kingward  International Hotel, you will enjoy your noble beautiful life in our perfect  services.
Room price: RMB 770 Yuan-1,000  Yuan
Distance to BNUZ: 28.8kilometers, approximately 46 minutes by car.  

Grand  Bay View Hotel(★★★★★)
Nestled  between the Jiangjun Mountain and the South China Sea, Grand Bay View Hotel is a  beloved destination for business and leisure travelers with modern design,  profound culture, supreme comfort, advanced facilities and impeccable  service.
273  classic and graceful rooms in main tower features president suites, ambassador  suites, garden suites, business suites, lady's room, glass room, mountain view  and sea view rooms. 79 well-appointed sea view suites in Grand Palace tower  merges the superb comfort into the nature's beauty. Its 270°picture-view windows  display stunning sea view, where guests discover the inspiration, romance and  indulgence.
Conveniently  located at Shuiwan Road with only five minute's drive to Gongbei Border and  Ferry Terminal, the hotel is close to Zhuhai Airport, Hong Kong, Guangzhou,  Shenzhen and other Pearl River Delta cities.
Room price: RMB 600 Yuan-2,000 Yuan  
Distance to BNUZ: 27.1 kilometers, approximately 46 minutes by car.  

Zhuhai  Holiday Resort Hotel (★★★★★)
ZHUHAI  HOLIDAY RESORT HOTEL lies in the East Shihua Road Jida District Zhuhai City. The  resort has a superficial area of 230,000 square meters. Facing to the sea and  with its back to the mountains, covered with trees, the resort is regarded as  the "garden within the garden city ". The hotel is near to the Jiuzhou port and  offers free shuttle-bus service between port and hotel. It has been  consecutively evaluated to be one of the best star-grading hotels in China for 3  years and recently awarded as China Symbolic Hotel for its environment and  design, presidential suite, characteristic restaurant by China National Tourism  Bureau. It was rewarded to National Tourism Advanced Group in 1999 and  authorized to 5-star hotel in March, 2000. It is the only 5-star hotel specially  for leisure and holiday in China.
Room price: RMB 468 Yuan-1,300  Yuan
Distance to BNUZ: 27.6 kilometers, approximately 46 minutes by car.  

Junyi  International Hotel Zhuhai(★★★★★)
Junyi  International Hotel Zhuhai is a 4 stars hotel,famous for its premium service and  classic amenities. The hotel is situated in Zhuhai Xiangzhou District.Opened in  2010, Junyi International Hotel Zhuhaiis special for the humanized service and  new amenties.The hotel has 16 storeys(floors),255 tastefully understated  rooms.
Junyi  International Hotel Zhuhai accepts payment by cash or by card, Peony Card,  Golden Harvest Card, Great Wall Card, Dragon Card, Pacific Card, Visacard,  MasterCard, JCBcard.Card payment creats an easy access to your check-in or  check-out.
The  hotel is an easy walking distance away from New Yuanmingyuan Park, Zhuhai Lost  City, Meixi Arches, guest can also take a short taxi ride to.
Meanwhile  well positioned with distance(Kilometers) to: Gongbei Customs(4.5km), China  International Aviation Exhibition Center Airport Road(18.9km), New Yuanmingyuan  Park(2.5km), Wanchai Seafood Street(3.9km), Zhuhai Lost City(2.1km), Sanzhao  Airport(18.7km), Yu Hotspring(36.5km), Ocean Spring(Hai Quan Wan)(45.9km),  Jiuzhou Port(7.9km).
Room price: RMB 268 Yuan-400  Yuan
Distance to BNUZ: 24.2 kilometers, approximately 36 minutes by car.  

ChangAn  Group(H.K) International Hotel(★★★★★)
ChangAn  Group(H.K) International Hotel Management Co., Ltd is a subordinate entire  capital organization of Zhuhai ChangAn Hotel Group. It takes international hotel  management model,bases on the values of be honest to the owner and developing  together,contributes to provide management and consultation etc. services for  domestic upper three-star hotels.
The  aim of ChangAn Hotel Management Co.,Ltd. is that "training the people and  developing Changan, tamping the bases and creating brands".Followed by this  aim,we have successfully managed Changan International Hotel Zhuhai,Changan  Holiday Hotel Zhuhai, Changan Hotel Zhuhai, Changan Great Aim Hotel Zhuhai,New  Changan Hotel Zhuhai, Changan Good World Hotel Zhuhai etc.Those hotels have  obtained great achievement by their unique management model,complete service  facilities and excellent individualized service.
During  the long term management practice, Changan Hotel Management Co., Ltd. has  established complete hotel management standard system,brought up and trained a  keenwitted and capable,high efficiency and professional management group and has  obtained favorable comment by pursuing for genuine,practical,high effective work  spirit.
Room price: RMB 490 Yuan-700  Yuan
Distance to BNUZ: 29.8 kilometers, approximately 48 minutes by car.  

Zhuhai  Zobon Art Hotel(★★★★★)
Zhuhai  Zobon Art Hotel is a 5-star business hotel which is located at the heart of CBD  business. Zhuhai Zobon Art Hotel is constructed based on 5-star international  standard. The exterior of Zhuhai Zobon Art Hotel is decorated with modern  design. Staying in Zhuhai Zobon Art Hotel, guests can surely enjoy the superb  sea view and garden view.
Zhuhai  Zobon Art Hotel is a 12-storey building, which has 157 spacious and luxurious  guestrooms and suites. There are plenty of recreational facilities in Zhuhai  Zobon Art Hotel. Restaurants in Zhuhai Zobon Art Hotel provide Chinese and  western cuisines. Business center offers professional secretary service for  guests with business needs.
Room price: RMB 530 Yuan-900 Yuan  
Distance to BNUZ: 25.7 kilometers, approximately 40 minutes by car.  

Tibet  Hotel Zhuhai(★★★★)
Tibet  Hotel Zhuhai is a 4 star cultural and business hotel which is located in the  flourishing area in Zhuhai The hotel mingling the characteristics of Tibetan  Cultural, combine with the modern Show more style and Tibetan customs. There are  200 comfortable guestrooms, guest can enjoy free items, such as, free high speed  internet access, free Chinese newspapers, free gym, free two bottles of mineral  water, etc. Each room with advanced facilities, including air conditioner, mini  bar, closet, writing desk and chairs, IDD, DDD, mirror, well found bathroom with  private shower, etc. It has 5 different sized conference rooms which can hold  from 25 to 120 persons at a time. It features Chinese restaurant, western  restaurant and coffee bar where guest can taste all kinds of delicious food  there. In the recreation center, guest can enjoy beauty salon, massage, chess,  KTV, snooker, ping-pong, gym, etc.
Room price: RMB 330 Yuan-600 Yuan  
Distance to BNUZ: 23.5 kilometers, approximately 37 minutes by car.  

Zhuhai  Xiangquan Hotel(★★★★)
Zhuhai  Xiangquan Hotel began its business operation in the year 2008 and therefore all  the decoration and facilities are very new. Zhuhai Xiangquan Hotel is a 4-star  hotel located in the commercial and cultural area of Xiangzhou. The convenient  location of Zhuhai Xiangquan Hotel is one of the remarkable features of Zhuhai  Xiangquan Hotel. Zhuhai Xiangquan Hotel is close to a number of shopping areas,  transportation terminals and so on. For example, the Zhuhai Sanzao airport is 50  km away from Zhuhai Xiangquan Hotel while the railway station is 30 km. With the  convenient location of Zhuhai Xiangquan Hotel, you can easily reach your  destination from Zhuhai Xiangquan Hotel.
Room price: RMB 260 Yuan-400 Yuan  
Distance to BNUZ: 21.1 kilometers, approximately 34minutes by car.  

Zhuhai  Huayu-Minfu Hotel (★★★★)
Zhuhai  Huayu-Minfu Hotel is a 4-star business & tourism hotel.
Located  at the business center of Gongbei Area, Zhuhai, the hotel is in a favorable  location and easy access to transportation facilities. It is close by Gongbei  Port, bus ternimal station and Vanguard Super Department, and is 35 minutes to  Zhuhai Airport, 10 minutes to Jiuzhougang Dock, and only 3 minutes to AAAA  ranked tourist attraction “The New Yuan Ming Palace” by car.
The  hotel is built on 4-star standard and designed by famous designers that have  also designed Guangzhou Garden hotel and China Hotel. With a building as wide as  150 meters and a gate tower as high as 8 meters, the hotel looks very gorgeous  and luxurious. Cozy bar in lobby, unique theme restaurant, multifunctional  conference hall, health center, club, business center and large parking lot are  set in the hotel with complete equipments and elegant style. Huayu-Minfu Hotel  is your best choice for business, tourism, meeting, holiday and entertainment.  
The  hotel has best and guset-uppermost service, the hotel advocates a warm and  considerate way to treat customers. From inside to outside, it has shown the  feature of the city of romance. It is your best choice for a nice break during  your business trip.
Room price: RMB 300 Yuan-400 Yuan  
Distance to BNUZ: 29.6 kilometers, approximately 50 minutes by car.  

Star  City Hotel(★★★★)
Star  City Hotel is a business type hotel, about 8 minutes to Gongbei Port by car and  about 40-minute drive to Zhuhai Airport. Elegantly designed spacious & cozy  rooms are available, all well equipped with wardrobe, safety box, satellite TV  channels, mini bar, refrigerator, high-speed Internet access, and international  direct dial. Additionally, executive and smoling-free floors are  available.
Restaurants  on the 2nd floor provides a combination of Chinese, Western, and Japanese  flavors. The open-air bar is an ideal place for an intimate chat with friends  and business partnets. A large multifunctional banquet hall and 30 conference  rooms equipped French windows are suitable for all sorts of events. Recreational  center on the 3rd foor is equipped with the modernest facilities.
Room price: RMB 400 Yuan-700 Yuan  
Distance to BNUZ: 25.6 kilometers, approximately 44 minutes by car.  

Nanyang  Seascape Hotel(★★★★)
The  4-star Nanyang Seascape Hotel is located in flourishing Gongbei. Facing the  South China Sea, it is minutes away from nearby Macau. The hotel has a  multi-functional hall which can holds 350 people and possesses a modern light  and projection system. The hotel offers comfortable, well-appointed rooms and  offers a wide range of amenities, catered by an attentitive and friendly  staff.
Room price: RMB 320 Yuan  up.
Distance to BNUZ: 29.8 kilometers, approximately 49 minutes by car.  

Guangdong  Regency Hotel Zhuhai(★★★★)
The  Guangdong Regency Hotel Zhuhai is located at the crossroads of YueHai Road East  and LianHua Lu of Zhuhai city with convenient transportation linkage. They have  formed an integral part of the hotel and present a grand appearance of the  building. The grand circle hall is magnificently designed with original creation  and beautiful structure. From the first moment you step into the elegant hall,  you would get meticulous and courteous service everywhere. The cultural essence  “Virtuous inside and courtesy outside” is well shown in the details of its  service.
Room price: RMB386 Yuan-850 Yuan  
Distance to BNUZ: 29.1 kilometers, approximately 48 minutes by car.  

Zhuhai  Silver Hotel(★★★★)
Zhuhai  Silver Hotel is built according to four-star standards, located in the busy  business and tourist attraction of Zhuhai city, with beautiful environment and  convenient transportation. There are many scenic sports around Jiuzhou city,  Shijingshan Park, Zhuhai Water front Park, the waterfront Yongchang,and so on.  Close to shopping spots such as the Haitiancheng, there are duty-free shopping  malls.
Room price: RMB250 Yuan-500 Yuan  
Distance to BNUZ: 26.1 kilometers, approximately 41 minutes by car.  

The  Catic Hotel(★★★★)
The  Catic Hotel (Zhuhai Kaidike Jiudian) offers various rooms, where guests can  check emails with high-speed internet access.
Guests  can enjoy pastries and buffets in the atmospheric restaurant and sample some of  outstanding list of wines in the bar.
In  terms of recreation, guests can work out in the fitness room or practice their  swing at the driving range.
Room price: RMB210 Yuan-700 Yuan  
Distance to BNUZ: 26.8 kilometers, approximately 44 minutes by car.  

Guo  Tai Hotel Zhuhai(★★★★)
Guo  Tai Hotel Zhuhai, invested by Zhuhai GuoTai Hotel Limited, is a brand new 4-star  with both luxury and business standard. Locating at the very central area of  Zhuhai city:Gongbei, just next to Macau border with 5 minutes walk, 10 minutes  ride to Jiuzhou Ferry Terminal, even from the airport takes 40 minutes  only.
There  are 10 levels with 129 kinds of rooms. Restaurant, lobby cafe, internet bar,  shopping avenue, billiards room and sauna and massage centre are all fine  equipped for whatever you are in business trip or luxury vacation. There are 10  levels with 129 kinds of rooms. Restaurant, lobby cafe, internet bar, shopping  avenue, billiards room and sauna and massage centre are all fine equipped for  whatever you are in business trip or luxury vacation.
Room price: RMB450 Yuan-1,100 Yuan  
Distance to BNUZ: 29.5 kilometers, approximately48 minutes by car.  

Zhuhai  Star City Hotel(★★★★)
Zhuhai  Star City Hotel is a boutique business hotel operated and managed by Star City  Hotel Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Located at Jidajing Road which is Zhuhai  commercial & cultural center with convenient transportation, the hotel has  shopping malls, post office and various bank offices nearby, and it is only 3  minutes’ drive to Jiuzhou Port Wharf, 8 minutes’ drive to Gongbei Port and 40  minutes’ drive to Zhuhai Airport
Room price: RMB400 Yuan-700 Yuan  
Distance to BNUZ: 25.6 kilometers, approximately 44 minutes by car.  

Hotel  Jumbo Zhuhai(★★★★)
Known  as a secluded paradise, Hotel Jumbo Zhuhai lies by Qiaoguang Xi Road in Gongbei,  facing Macao across the waters. It is a stone’s cast from the Customs Joint  Inspection Building and a short walk from the busy shopping center in Gongbei.  From the hotel it takes a 30-minute drive to Zhuhai Airport and a 15-minute  drive to Jiuzhou Port. In addition to convenience in transportation, the hotel  has a quiet and pleasant environment as well as magnificent European free-style  architecture and advanced and luxurious equipment and facilities, enabling  guests to feel at home. It is the best choice for tourist, vacation, business  and conference activities
Room price: RMB250 Yuan-500 Yuan  
Distance to BNUZ: 30.6 kilometers, approximately 50 minutes by car.