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Doumen Peeler Crab ( Dou Men Zhong Ke Xie )

Doumen peeler crab is one of the most delicious foods in Zhuhai. Known for their thick, hard shells, the crabs taste tender and fresh, occasionally tipping the scales at over a kilogram each, attracting enthusiastic diners from nearby Hong Kong and Macao.
Hengqin Oysters(Hengqin Sheng Hao)

Hengqin oysters live in the clean, nutritious waters around Hengqin Island, south Zhuhai. They are famous for their large size, meaty body, white colour, tender taste, and crisp texture both here and abroad. The best time to savour Hengqin oysters is from November to April when they become the basis for many well-known local dishes. Whether fried crisp, scalded, baked on iron boards, or baked with ginger and scallions, each dish is a mouth-watering delight.

Baiteng Lotus Roots ( Baiteng Lian Ou )

The lotus roots of Baiteng Lake are famous for their thickness and large size. Tasting particularly good in autumn, the lotus roots are a rich source of vitamins minerals. With a natural subtle sweetness, diners often add some sugar to them to enhance the flavour. Baiteng lotus roots now make a popular gift for Zhuhai tourists to take home to share with friends and relatives.

Wanshan Prawn

The Wanshan Prawn, also called "crystal prawn", is one of eight important staple marine products and important marine product resources along the coast of the country. The fishing fields of Wanshan Islands in Zhuhai have a long history of prawn farming. The prawn can be steamed and fried. It can be made not only into all style of delicate snacks, but also into all sorts of famous dishes.

Oyster Banquet

Oysters originate from the Fuxiang Bay oyster field in Hengqin. The Hengqin Island is an off island in the south of Zhuhai City. It is about 40 minutes' drive from the ferry quay of the Jiuzhou Harbor. The oyster field is opposite to Luhuan, face Macau across the bay. The period from November to April of every year is the ideal season for savoring oysters as oysters maturate gradually during winter times after being cultivated for more than a half year. The oysters raised in the Hengqin Island are especially large in size and thick in meat due to good quality water. They can be fried crisp, scalded, baked on iron boards and baked with ginger and scallion. It is also excellent for the dish of "surrounding the hot pot", a chafing dish cooked in a terrine. Oysters contain rich protein, which is believed to have effects of strengthening yang and preserving face. Therefore, as the oyster season arrives, a great number of "oyster guests" will come a long way from Macau, Zhuhai, Zhongshan and other areas to gorge on oysters.