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The local cuisine of Zhuhai belongs to the Guangdong Cuisine with a special emphasis on various kinds of sea food, such as oyster, crab, lobster and sleeve-fish.

Guangdong Cuisine may be the most popular of China - and the most well-known abroad. It can be subdivided into Canton cuisine, Chaoshan cuisine and Hakka cuisine. Canton cuisine is most renowned for its light and fresh flavor, using little oil and seasonings. Chaoshan cuisine is famous for its uniqueness in seafood dishes. Prawns, oysters, crabs and eels are very popular ingredients. Even shark's fin, abalone and bird's nests are edible when they are treated in a special way with some special juice or sauce. In Zhuhai, a simple restaurant opposite the Lianhua Dasha on Lianhua Rd serves excellent Hakka chicken.

"Dim sum", tiny and delicate Cantonese snacks, are something you shouldn't miss, they are the highlight of the sophisticated cuisine. Cantonese usually go to restaurants to "ying cha" (eat dishes of dim sum and drink tea). Soup is another must if you dine in a Cantonese cuisine restaurant. People in Guangdong are fond of "bao tang" (soup cooked in a special boiler, the process can be as long as one day). The Huang Tao restaurant, upstairs at the Friendship Plaza, has a reputation for serving Zhuhai's best "dim sum" in the mornings. There are three famous food streets in Zhuhai: The Tangren Food Street is the oldest and most renowned for its uniqueness in environment and variety in food. The other two are the Chaozhou Attic and the Yingdu Food Market. Western food is also popular in Zhuhai. Dishes cooked by decent Portuguese cooks are now coming into the fashion.