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 Development of the University
● Founded on Dec 16th, 2001
● The Ceremony for the Commencement of the University’s Construction on Apr.10th, 2001.
● The Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for the Campus on Dec.16th, 2001.
● School Opening Ceremony for the First Group of Students on Oct.18th, 2002.
● The name of the university was changed into BNUZ on Jul.29th, 2003.
● BNUZ was authorized to enrol international students on Jul.21st, 2004.
● The total number of undergraduates reached 10,000 in September, 2005.
● The Opening of the First Staff and Faculty’s Representative Congress on May.26th, 2007.
● Zhuhai Research Institute of BNU was established on Dec.16th, 2008.
● The Zhuhai Branch of Graduate School of Beijing Normal University was established on Dec.18th 2010
● The total number of undergraduates reached more than 20,000 in September, 2011.


Key Figures
● Founded on Dec 16th
● 2001 First Enrollment of International Students on Jul 21st, 2004
● Student Number Reached 10,000 in Sep 2005
● Zhuhai Research Institute of BNU Founded on Dec 16th, 2008
● The Postgraduate School of BNUZ Founded on Dec 18th, 2010
● Student Number Reached over 20,000 in Sep 2011