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The Association of Student Clubs and Societies of BNUZ, one of the earliest-established organizations at the university level, aims to give guidance to the clubs of the university so that they can adhere to the guidelines of self-education, self-regulation and self-service. With a purpose of building a harmonious campus and enriching students' campus life, it is committed to offering efficient and considerate services to the clubs and societies of the university. Eight years' endeavors and hard work have forged three renowned activities among many others, i.e., the Thoroughfare of clubs, the Directional Cross-country Competition, and the Cultural Festival. Members of the clubs and societies have set foot on every corner of the valley of the Phoenix Mountain, thus bringing new vitality to this area of Zhuhai City. "We're dreaming our youthful dreams!" The clubs and societies of BNUZ boast an increasingly diversified youth culture.

Currently, there are around 120 clubs at the university, of which 61 are at the university level and 59 at the school level. They are as follows.

Names Introduction
Hongshi Tai chi Club To developing civil and martial quality, and to publicize moral, the current head coach is the fourth-generation descendant of Hongshi Tai chi Jiameng Sun. For the beginners, this sport not only can improve health, but also develop combat skills. This club emphasizes the importance of Chinese culture. Despite the ordinary training, there are special arrangements for reading and discussing ancient Chinese books every week.
Snooker Club This club is non-profit, and the only legitimate Club of snooker on behalf of BNUZ. By organizing fans of billiard, this sport has been popularized and developed in the past few years. A number of club activities, including competitions and training, are held regularly.
Wing Chun Club Founded in 2010, WCC is to abid by discipline and advocate the moral of Kung Fu. In pursuing the aims of keeping fitness and carrying forward the Chinese culture, WCC has led a new wave of Chinese Kung Fu. As a traditional martial sport, Wing Chun can enhance response capabilities. Long-term practice not only can improve health, but also help them develop outstanding moral characters.
Qiuzhen Kyudo Club Qiuzhen Kyudo Club is the only kyudo club in China, which is founded by Naito King. There are two competitions with UIC Kyudo Club every year, and a number of activities are held during festivals.
Automobile Club Founded in 2010, AC has developed quickly. There are more than 120 members in AC, and 4 of them have racing licenses, and they have won prizes in various games. Activities held by AC include Kart Invitational Tournaments, lectures on automobile, recruitment of part-time job, and tournaments witnessing.
Volleyball Club Founded in 2011, VC is a young and vibrate club. With the notion of attracting more students, the club has organized a number of games and events both on and out of campus. Members can enjoy happiness and friendship.
Cycling Club Cycling Club focuses on eco-friendly bicycle activities to advocate a green and positive life style. It encourages members to travel by bike and do more sports. Additionally, as the number of cycling fans is increasing, CC can help students expand their social circle.
Diabolo Club Diabolo Club was founded in May, by a number of traditional sports fans. With the notion of disseminating traditional culture, the club was developed to improve the fitness of students, enrich their extracurricular life, and organizes activities.
Fencing Club Fencing Club was founded in 2011. The coach is Lifeng Huang who served as the head coach of Vietnam national team. He participated in a serious of international competitions, including the 2006 Doha Asian Games and the 2007 Southeast Asia Fencing Games. From January 2010 to now, he is the head coach of Luogang Junior Sports School Fencing Team.
Yoga Club Founded in October 2010, Yoga Club consists of three departments saying publicities, administration and finance. It was approved by the Communist Youth League, and is the only female club in BNUZ. YC also has the only Yoga performance team in Zhuhai. To promote Yoga culture, YC has made contributions to the health of menbers.
Freesoul Drift Board Club Freesoul Drift Board Club is a joyful and youthful club. By organizing various activities, the club provides platforms for drift board fans to show themselves.
Soccer Club Founded in November 2003, its former name was BNUZ Soccer Association, changed to Soccer Club in September 2006. In pursuing pure football and the most advanced enjoyment, it recruits soccer fans in the campus. Its purpose is to disseminate and promote football, and allow more people to understand.
Badminton Club Badminton Club is to promote the enthusiasm of BNUZ-ers and bring a better training condition in BNUZ. During the past years, it has been well known among students and got good reputation. In the future, BC will inherit its tradition to serve BNUZ-ers, and make contributions to this sports.
Jeet Kune Do Club This is a Chinese Martial Arts club that promotes Bruce Lee’s spirit of Jeet Kune Do. Founded in 2004, JKDC has been keeping studying Jeet Kune Do, and adhered to the spread of its ideology.
Roller Skating Club Founded on November 8th, 2004, RSC was established by roller skating fans, the number of registered members has increased from 30 to 1000 during the past 7 years. This year RSC recruited 397 students. This is a wonderful club for roller skating fans, and a world of extreme sports.
Table Tennis Club Founded in March 2008, TTC is supported by students association. TTC is growing into a more mature club with completed systems, distinctive features, creativity and competitiveness. There are 300 members. Its guideline is “meeting friends through table tennis and enjoying this national sport”.
Kendo Club Zhuhai Kendo Club can provide opportunities for upgrading and auditing. Through ordinary and practical training, students not only can obtain sports skills, but also communicate with others on a wider platform, and further understand.
Gourmet Club Aims at helping students to have healthy diet concept. Holds food culture lecture and other activities regularly.
Eloquence and Social Club Aims at improving presentation skills. Helps students enhance their overall abilities through practice.
BNUZ Youth Development Club Aims at helping BNUZ-ers’ overall development. To provide advices for further study, entrepreneurship, and job hunting; as well as to provide opportunities for internship. It aims at gaining students chances to practice skills.
Electronic Club Founded in 2010, EC is consisted by competitive game section, board game section, game instruction section and game develop section. It cooperates with WE team and Ehome team, to promote electronic competitive games among universities.
Chess and Cards Club Founded in September, 2006, CCC has held several competitions. CCC aims at enriching extra curriculum activities. It holds activities every Friday, which provides a great chance for members to communicate.
Fishing Club Aims at enjoying fishing and natural environment; enriching extra curriculum life and promoting cooperation and enhancing sense of environmental protection.
Green Angel Club Aims at promoting environmental protection. GAC holds series of activities and attends national competitions to gain supports and encourages. GAC will convey the concept of environmental protection and to get more attention.
Wine Club Founded in 2006, Wine Club aims at helping students get to know wine culture. Tasting wine is enjoyable, and it helps to feel details of life.
Magic Club Founded on 21st September 2007, MC was established by students. Aims at getting people know more about magic, diminishing misunderstanding, establishing new image of magic and providing students with opportunities to exchange ideas.
Colorful Social Club Founded in November 2008, CSC has won prizes for excellent club for several times. Slogan for CSC is Elegance comes from details, etiquette brings opportunity. With its characteristics, CSC has become one of the biggest clubs in BNUZ.
Otaku Animation Club Founded in 2003, OAC is the single animation club in BNUZ. For the past ten years, it recruits animation fans, and communicates with other universities. It holds activities in some fields such as animation, cartoon drawing, cosplay and cartoon music.
Rubik’s Cube Club Founded in 2009, RCC was established by Rubik’s Cube fans. It aims at conveying Rubik’s Cube culture, studying principle, learning knowledge about making and reforming Rubik’s Cube. It aims at promoting Rubik’s Cube use in BNUZ, and even in Zhuhai.
Oral Club OC holds trainings like English corner, English competition, speaking, debating, dubbing and interpretation, lectures about Britain and American culture, Japanese culture, French culture, and oral salon. It provides BNUZ-ers with opportunities to practice and improve their English.
Tourism Club TC organizes mountain climbing, hiking, independent travel and expedition trainings. It aims at providing a platform for people to communication and hold activities to strengthen friendship.
Amateur Astronomers Club Founded in 2003, AAC is the only astronomical club in BNUZ and also one of the earliest clubs. After several years of hardships and trails, it has become an excellent club with about 100 members, and often hosts various activities.
Baker Street Reasoning Club This club aims at improving students’ reasoning skills and overall abilities through the cooperation process. Regular activities include game of cops and robbers, reasoning movie playing and reasoning book renting. Featured activities includes but not limited to killers, treasures finding.
Caring Assistance Club Caring Assistance Club is established in 2003. Its 12th committee has 349 members. By focus on volunteer services, it aims at gathering powers of BNUZ-ers to help others. It is a university-level non-profit legal group that organizes big bazaar, volunteer teaching, donation and volunteer performance and so forth.
Debate Club Adhering to the principles of allowing more people to enjoy independent thinking and free mind brought by debate, it aims at helping debate fans to get concepts about debate and improve related skills, thus improves the language and reasoning skills.
Firefly Bicycles Environment-friendly Club Firefly Bicycles Environment-friendly Club devotes to prompt environment-friendly life attitude such as riding bicycles to go green. With the continuous effort, EBEC is now a commonweal club and grows with other nine commonweal club in BNUZ.
Calligraphy & Chinese Painting Club Founded in 2002, Calligraphy& Chinese Painting Club is one of the earliest societies in BNUZ. It aims at offering a stage for calligraphy and Chinese painting fans to share their interests. It constantly improves students’ skills in calligraphy and Chinese painting and helps to enrich students’ extracurricular life, thus promotes Chinese traditional arts and campus culture.
Guzheng Club Founded five years ago, GC is independently established by students. Focus on Guzheng learning and teaching, GC participates in various commercial and promotion performances. By actively taking part in various recreational activities at and out of BNUZ, and closely cooperating with related departments, it hopes to help develop peaceful mind out of the Guzheng fans in the bustling life.
Guitar Club Guitar Club is founded in 2009. After three-year ups and downs, it has experienced development and growth. As an artistic club, Guitar Club sticks to the principle of meeting friends by guitar and sharing interest. Guitar is an instrument that can learn easily, can play while singing, and can go with other musical instruments. Its charm makes it popular around the world. BNUZ has great number of guitar fans, which offers foundation for the establishment of Guitar Club.
Cosplay Club Founded in 2010, Cosplay Club aims at improving the temperament and image of BNUZ-ers. It recruits students who love to perform cosplay. By throwing various cosplay activities, it helps the club members to pay attention to their image.
Street Dance Club Founded in 2006, Street Dance Club is among the earliest BNUZ clubs. It enjoys great reputation in and out of BNUZ. Furthermore, it once ranked among the top 10 clubs and the five stars clubs, and got prizes such as featured activities, brand activities. Street Dance Club plays important part in BNUZ’s shows.
Music Club With its ten-year history, Music Club is one of the brand clubs in BNUZ. Carrying out music communication and music teaching on the campus, it is responsible for hosting campus evening party and often appears in other activities as a guest. It got positive feedback from its several big evening parties. With its passion to music, the club not only enriches the extracurricular life of BNUZ students, but helps to train some excellent singers.
Style Apparel Club Style Apparel Club aims at offering a stage for students who want to exchange information about various clothing and how to make a good image. It also performs street snap to promote BNUZ student’s image and clothing trend.
BBOX-ZONE Club The establishment of BBOX-ZONE Club aims at filling up the missing part of BNUZ cultural elements. It helps to build a model club that integrates service, teaching and entertainment. It also aims at promoting the influence of Beatbox and benefits students who are interested in it.
Shakespeare Drama Club Founded in 2010, the club aims at improving the temperament and image of BNUZ students. It recruits students who love in drama playing.
Rock Party Club Rock Party Club distinguishes itself from other music clubs by specially serves the rock & roll players and bands and those who are fond of rock & roll. The club comprises of over ten bands with different style and often participates in small and big shows in and out of BNUZ. It also maintains good relationship with other bands and music centers at Zhuhai. The club offers music instrument training. It also owns a rock & roll center which has several well-equipped practice studios to make sure music fans can make friends and share experiences.
Salsa Club Salsa Club Salsa Club was established by a group of Salsa fans. It aims at creating chances for dance fans to dance and experience the benefits of it. It also wants to facilitate interactions and exchange between dance fans.