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2017 Summer Program Student Representatives Shared Exotic Experience
September 29, 2017Click:

On the night of September 21st,eleven student representatives, who have attended the 2017 Summer Programs, gathered with other students and shared their experience and wonderful memories during the program.

Before the sharing session, Viola Jin, who is in charge of the 2017 Summer Programs, did a brief introduction to various summer programs this year. After that, by presenting vivid photos and video clips, each student representative shared their own adventurous stories happened in partner universities.

The meeting came with all kinds of their funny stories and wonderful pictures in the foreign countries, which deeply aroused students' interest for summer programs. Most student representatives pointed that through learning and living in a foreign country, they acquired not only knowledge in the partner university, but also precious experience, local customs, and unique academic perspectives.

This year, apart from three traditional summer programs with Saint Mary's University, Macquarie University, Monash University and University of Oxford,BNUZ has newly established the cooperation with other 6 partner universities, including Cardiff University, University of Westminster, Arts University Bournemouth, Ryerson University and Eureka College with 174 student participants in total.