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Educational Delegation of AAU visited BNUZ
September 22, 2017Click:

From Sep 16th to Sep 19th, the Educational Delegation of Aalborg University (AAU), paid a visit to BNUZ. The delegation consisted of 8 members who from Department of Learning and Philosophy, Confucius Institute for Learning and Innovation, AAU. Ms.Yu LiHong, Vice-President of BNUZ warmly welcomed the coming of the visiting mission. During the visit, the mission had an in-depth discussion with the School of Education and also visited two kindergartens in Zhuhai.

At the opening ceremony,Ms.Yu gave a brief introduction to BNUZ, including its basic data and international strategies, showing the greatest expectation of the further cooperation between AAU and BNUZ.

On 18th September, the delegation met with the faculties from School of Education, BNUZ for an in-deep discussion in the area of Early Childhood Education and Comparative Education, as well as shared their recent research.

            Also, the delegation visited two kindergartens in Zhuhai (Tangjia Gongle Kindergarten and Eton House International Pre-school), they had meetings with principles of the Kindergartens and observed children’s activities.

Prof. Annette Lorentsen said, it was a great achievement for both sides to improve the development of preschool and comparative education, and that she hoped the cooperation would be enhanced after the visit.

Lone Hansen, one of the members from AAU, said that through the visit, she had experienced a “Chinese Spirit”—a passionate, considerate and positive attitude from Chinese people she met during this trip, and she believed that was the charm of China.

Aalborg University was established in 1974 under Aalborg University Center, but changed its name to Aalborg University in 1994. Aalborg University is one of the most potential universities in Denmark and also a member of ECIU. Aalborg University differentiates itself from the older and more traditional Danish universities with its focus on a pedagogical structure based on problem-centred, real-life projects of educational and research relevance. With the problem-based, project-organised model, semesters at AAU are centred around complex real-life problems which students attempt to find answers to in a scientific manner while working together in groups.

Beijing Normal University and Aalborg University have been building their cooperation partnership since 2008, and have developed a close relationship on academic exchange and cooperation in Environmental Studies, Education, International Relations, and Chinese Language and Literature. In 2009, the fifth overseas Confucius Institute of BNU was built in Aalborg University. In July this year, students from Aalborg University joined the Confucius Institute Summer Camp at the Zhuhai Campus, and this is the starting point of interaction and cooperation between AAU and BNUZ.