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2017 Freshmen Welcome Banquet Successfully Held in Sino-German Joint Programme
September 8, 2017Click:

On September 5, the 2017 freshmen welcome banquet of Sino-German joint Program was held in the evening. The Grade 2017 freshmen together with their parents are invited to the banquet. Prof. Tu, president of BNUZ, Mr. Stefan Haarhaus, Vice President of Brand Academy(BA) and many faculty members from the program also attended the banquet.

At the banquet, Prof. Tu warmly welcomed the new coming of 2017 freshmen and briefly introduced the Sino-German Joint Programme and other internationalization achievements of BNUZ.

By now, BNUZ has over 130 partner universities overseas covering various collaborative programs including Sino-Foreign Joint Programs, 2+2 Duel Degree Programs and student and faculty exchange programs. In 2013, BNUZ has officially become one of the UN Academic Impact Members, said Prof. Tu, President of BNUZ.

Germany was among the first countries to establish cooperation BNUZ and the cooperation between BA and BNUZ has been explored and facilitated over the past years.  In the opening remark, Prof. Tu pointed out the advanced educational concept and high-quality teaching resources of Sino-German Joint Program provide solid foundation for the innovation and reform of the program.

This Sino-German Joint Program is an innovative and the first educational program integrating art and design in China and Germany. By sharing resources and enhancing cross-cultural exchange, BA will fully support the development of this program, said Mr. Stefan Haarhaus, Vice President of BA.

The 2017 freshmen banquet was independently organized and held by the sophomores of the program under the guidance of faculty.