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A Grand Unveiling Ceremony Held for BNUZ Education Development Foundation
November 25, 2011Click:

On the afternoon of Nov. 25th, 2011, the unveiling ceremony for BNUZ Education Development Foundation welcomed its grand opening at the 3rd Lecture Hall of International Center, BNUZ. Distinguished guests include: Mr. Shiguo Wang, deputy director of Non-government Organization Management Bureau, Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province, Mr. Zhaoqun Xie, vice investigator of the unit, Mr. Guiyun Chen, secretary of CNOOC Huizhou Oil Company, Mr. Wei Zhi, secretary general of Guangdong Maohua Charity Foundation, Mr. Xuejun Wang, deputy secretary of Zhuhai Education Committee, Mr. Qi Fang, vice director of Zhuhai National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, Mr. Yunfeng Zhang, deputy secretary of Department of Civil Affairs of Zhuhai City, Mr.Wuliang Lai, section chief of Non-government Organization Management Office, Department of Civil Affairs of Zhuhai City, and Mr. Xiao Lei, deputy secretary general of Zhuhai Charity Federation. Representatives of leadership from Beijing Normal University and BNUZ as well as al trustees of BNUZ Education Development Foundation, representatives for the faculty and the BNUZ students, representatives for commercial and industrial circle etc. also presented. The ceremony was presided over by Mr. Wei Tang, vice secretary of Party Committee of Beijing Normal University, secretary of Party Committee of BNUZ.

Mr. Shiguo Wang, the officer from Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province, read out Official Approval on the Establishment of BNUZ Education Development Foundation. Mr. Xuejun Wang, deputy secretary of Zhuhai Education Committee, affirmed BNUZ Education Development Foundation’s positive significance and extended his willingness to support BNUZ as usual. As the first private foundation initiated by higher educational institution in Zhuhai, BNUZ Education Development Foundation set a charity service stage centered on higher educational development. It can encourage more social resources to participate in and support the development of Zhuhai’s higher education development, contributing highly to the talent development, city brand building etc., which also exert positive demonstration effect for other Zhuhai higher education institutes.

Mr. Binglin Wang, vice secretary of Party Committee of Beijing Normal University, extended his congratulation to the establishment of the Foundation. He pointed out that the establishment of the Foundation is not only an important choice for the strategic all-around development of BNUZ, but also an active attempt to innovate education system and to practice market-oriented school running .As a stage for financing and capital operation, the Foundation will have an indispensable effect in BNUZ’s development. Mr. Wang encouraged BNUZ to build a first-class education development foundation, allowing it to play an important role in the development of BNUZ.

Prof. Ailan Fu, Chairman of BNUZ Education Foundation, addressed for the meeting. She first extended gratuity for the support given by the government and corporations, and then expressed her thanks to the attention and help given by various circles of the community. She pointed out that the establishment of BNUZ Education Development Foundation helps to increase the resources for running BNUZ, and it also helps to reward and assist faculty and students. The Foundation will strive for professional management and will strengthen communication with all walks of the society. Moreover, she promised to act by the Foundation regulation under the guidance and supervision of related departments, and to make sure standardized management for the goal of facilitating the development of higher education institute and contributing to the running goal of BNUZ.

Several representatives unveiled for the Foundation. Mr. Chunming Yang, president of BNUZ Labor Union and Qing Zhao, a student representative read out the donation proposal, encouraging all faculty and students to donate for the Foundation on the coming of the 10th anniversary of BNUZ. Corporation representatives from Maohua Charity Foundation, Shenzhen Furen Investment Co., Ltd, Liyunxingzhi Education Science and Technology Co., Ltd (Beijing) presented on-the-spot donation. Beijing Normal University Education Foundation prepared a calligraphy work of Mr.Gong Qi, a contemporary celebrated calligrapher, as a gift to BNUZ Education Foundation. At the end of the ceremony, presented leaders and guests planted BNUZ Education Development Foundation Growth trees in the outside spot.