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The Return-Visit by Acadia University Delegation
November 23, 2011Click:

After the official visit by BNUZ Delegation to partner universities in Canada and the US in early November, on the date of November 21st, Prof. Robert Perrins, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, and Mr. Jim Darnbrough, Executive Director of Enrolment Service, had conducted a return-visit to BNUZ on behalf of Acadia University, Canada.

Prof. Ailan Fu, vice president of BNUZ, has hosted a meeting with the guests from Canada together with deans of BNUZ Schools, namely Prof. Wanglu Peng, Dean of School of Information Technology, Prof. Mingyuan Zhang, Dean of School of Chinese, Prof. Honghai Mi, Dean of School of Applied Mathematics, Prof. Jiagui Wang, Dean of School of Management, Prof. Hengmei Yan, Vice Dean of School of Engineering, Prof. Yuping Lan, Assistant to Dean of International Business Faculty, Ms. Wenting Xie, Vice Dean of School of Foreign Language and Dr. Pansy Gan, Director of Office of International Affairs.

Both parties had conducted general review of the meetings in Canada, also with detailed discussions about further development of cooperation programs, which has tightened the bilateral collaboration between both universities.

Moreover, Prof. Robert Perrins has been honoured as the Guest Professor of School of Chinese, and proceeded an academic lecture in English for students from School of Chinese and School of Foreign Languages. Also, the two visitors presented an introductory lecture of Acadia University to BNUZ students during the evening.

Acadia University:

Founded in 1838, Acadia University is one of the most historical and prestigious universities in Canada. It focuses on undergraduate education, including humanities, Science, and other professional subjects, providing over 200 major courses for students. Acadia University is awarded one of the best universities with excellent quality. It is located at Wolfville of Nova Scotia along east coast of Canada, which is only 100km to Halifax.