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BNUZ Delegation Visited Partner Universities in Canada
November 22, 2011Click:

During Oct. 29 to Nov. 2, 2011, captained by Mr. Guangju Chen, vice president of Beijing Normal University and president of BNUZ, twelve BNUZ delegates had an official visit to partner universities in Canada. Delegation members include: Prof. Ailan Fu, vice president of BNUZ, Prof. Wanglu Peng, dean of School of Information Technology, Prof. Baosheng An, dean of School of Engineering Technology, Prof. Mingyuan Zhang, dean of School of Chinese, Prof. Wenhao Tao, dean of School of Foreign Languages, Prof. Huiying Zhang, dean of School of Logistics, Prof. Honghai Mi, dean of School of Applied Mathematics, Prof. Jiagui Wang, dean of School of Management, Prof. Yuping Lan, assistant to dean of International Business Faculty, Dr. Pansy Gan, director of Office of International Affairs and Malcolm Cheng.

BNUZ delegation visited three partner universities in Canada, namely Saint Mary’s University (SMU), Acadia University (AU), and University of Waterloo (UW).

During the visit to Saint Mary’s University, delegates had in-depth meetings with Prof. Colin Dodds, president of Saint Mary’s University. Both sides are pleased about the long-term and stable partnership, and reached agreement in expanding cooperation fields, including teaching staff exchange and student exchange, jointly development of Master program, summer school program etc. Apart from that, BNUZ delegates also held panel talks with related colleges at SMU, discussing further details and seeking more cooperation possibilities. Both parties signed an agreement of allowing student exchanges between BNUZ and SMU, according to which both universities will send two students to do the student exchange program separately since Sep 2012.

Moreover, BNUZ delegation attended welcome reception hosted by BNUZ Alumni Association during their stay at SMU. Mr. Guangju Chen and Prof. Colin Dodds delivered warm remarks that hoping students could study hard and contribute more to development of both universities. Student representative expressed students’ determination to make full use of the opportunity offered by BNUZ and SMU. BNUZ Alumni Association at SMU prepared a VCR to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BNUZ and presented BNUZ delegation a ship model of Halifax’s famous sail ship: Blue Nose, which was made by all alumni.

During their visit to Acadia University, BNUZ delegation held panel talks with Mr. Ray Ivany, president of Acadia University, and other related responsible faculty. Both sides reached initial agreement in 2+2 program, jointly development of Master program, Chinese Studies Program, and extended their wishes to facilitate exchange and cooperation in various fields.

It was the first time for BNUZ delegation to visit University of Waterloo ever. Dr. Leo Rothenburg, vice president of University of Waterloo, who is in charge of international cooperation, along with related faculty members received BNUZ delegation and held meetings. Both parties reached initial cooperation intents on jointly development of Master of Science program, and student exchange programs. A MOU between the two universities had been signed as well.

This visit enables BNUZ to hold extensive talks with partner universities in Canada concerning teaching staff exchange, student exchange, jointly development of Master programs, Chinese Studies Program, etc. which is therefore a fruitful trip.


Report of SMU About Visit of BNUZ Delegation

Brief Induction to Partner Universities:

Saint Mary's University

Founded in 1802, Saint Mary's University is one of the most historical public universities in Canada. Currently it has around 8,800 on-campus students, including around 1,300 international students from 94 countries. The ratio of teacher and students is 1:19. In Maclean’s Magazine Ranking (an authoritative ranking about universities in Canada) and other rankings, Saint Mary’s University is among the Top 10 (Undergraduate education) in Canada.


Acadia University

Founded in 1838, Acadia University is one of the most historical and prestigious universities in Canada. Undergraduate education in Acadia University ranks the top for consecutive seven years. Its comprehensive ranking is in the Top 10 of Canada. Currently it has around 3,900 undergraduate and graduate students.


University of Waterloo

Established in 1957, University of Waterloo is a famous university located in Waterloo city of Canada. It got the reputation mostly for its Mathematics, Computer and Engineering. Its department of Mathematics hires the most professors in the world. Student team of it won the champion of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest for many times. Since its establishment, it develops fast and ranks the top only after several decades of its establishment. In the Maclean’s Magazine Ranking, it ranks the top for consecutive ten years. Currently it has 28,000 students and around 880 teaching staff. It gains world fame for its spirit of innovation and great academic background especially in science and technology. Its computer science is the most famous.

University Website: