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The 4th Student Union President Forum of Guangdong-Macao Universities Held at BNUZ
November 25, 2011Click:

At 1:00 p.m., Nov. 19, 2011, the 4th Student Union President Forum of Guangdong-Macao Universities welcomed its grand opening at A112, Liyun Building, BNUZ. With “Happy Campus - Starts from Us” as the forum theme, student union presidents from Guangdong and Macao universities exchanged ideas, merited from each other and extended friendships. Mr. Wei Dai, vice secretary of BNUZ party committee, and Mr. Chunbo Li, secretary of BNUZ Communist Youth League, presented by invitation.

Under the guidance of BNUZ Communist Youth League, this forum was hosted by BNUZ Student Union. Forum participants include: student union presidiums of Macau University, Macau University of Science and Technology, South China University of Technology, South China Normal University, Guangzhou University, Shenzhen University, Zhuhai Campus of Sun Yat-Sen University, Zhuhai Campus of Jinan University, Beijing Normal University - Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC), Zhuhai College of Jilin University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai, BNUZ and presidents of schools of BNUZ.

The forum was opened at 1:00 p.m. with an opening remark from Bo Zhang, vice president of BNUZ Student Union. Mr. Wei Dai gave remarks afterwards. Surrounding the forum theme, he pointed out the definition of student union and the functions as well as the working principles of it. He hopes this forum can ignite the fires of insightful thoughts.

Anzhi Yu, president of Mainland Student Union of Macao University, talked about her understanding of the forum theme. After giving brief introduction of the Student Union of Macao University, she elaborated her thoughts in building a happy campus by using her student union experiences. Such a speech enables presented students to learn about the differences between student unions in the mainland of China and that in Macao and to merit from them.

Xiaochen Zhou, president of Shenzhen University Student Union, stated Shenzhen University’s focus on campus culture construction. With “cultivating students with culture, allowing students to advocate science and pursuit truth” as the guidance, Student Union try to become an organization to lead the thoughts of students, to govern the union with democratic ideas and build up a knowledge-oriented happy campus.

“I feel happy to stand here as a student representative!” Yizhao An, president of UIC Student Union opened his speech humorously. In the following speech, he told a true story about “umbrella in the rain” and the greatness to be a sincere person. By those story-telling and arguments, he leaded to the forum theme of “a happy campus, start from us” step by step. At the end of his remarks, Don’t Cast Away, a poem by the noted 20th century Chinese architect and writer Ms. Huiyin Lin push the forum to a full swing.

Yuanhe Cao, president of BNUZ Student Union is the last one to deliver speech. He gave brief introduction about BNUZ Student Union’s development and shared achievements the union got during its service to BNUZ students. At the end of his speech, he stated” In order to build a happy campus, student union should serve the students practically”.

Student union presidents from five universities share their thoughts on the forum theme. After that, in-depth discussion follows. Just as one student union president said “we came with empty hands and left with abundant rewards. We not only harvested experiences but also friendships”, participants got a lot from this forum.