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BNUZ faculty and administrators attended Summer Institute at Saint Mary’s University
August 17, 2017Click:

Between July 10 and 21, 2017, led by Prof. Prof. Geng Xiangdong, Chairperson of the University Council of BNUZ, 32 faculty and administrators from Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai(BNUZ) attended the Summer Institute at Saint Mary’s University(SMU).


On July 10, 2017, in the opening ceremony of the Summer Institute at SMU, a new 2+2 articulation agreement has been signed by both sides, which marks the cooperation of the forth credit transfer program with the major of Computer Science and Technology between two universities. The signing of this agreement enables BNUZ students to complete the first two years of university study on campus at BNUZ, and to transfer to Saint Mary’s to complete the final two years of their degrees in Halifax.

The two-week long Summer Institute at SMU, an annual professional development program contains 42 sessions, covering various aspects of university education and administration.Faculty and administrators worked with SMU faculty and staff on topics related to learning, teaching and university governance, while also experiencing Canadian culture and heritage.

Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai has had a partnership with Saint Mary’s since 2002, encompassing a number of exchange programs, credit transfer programs, a faculty exchange program and a SMU-BNUZ joint degree program. The Summer Institute at Saint Mary’s began in 2012, with approximately 30 delegates from BNUZ attending each time. BNUZ has also successfully held the first intercultural development training program for faculty and staff from SMU this year.