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The review of Portuguese culture's sharing
May 5, 2017Click:

On the evening of March 30, the International Exchange and Cooperation Department invited Daniel and João to do a spectacular cultural sharing with students. They are the exchange students from the University of Prague, Portugal, currently studying at the Foreign Language Institute and in the Chinese Language and Literature Institute of our school.

Daniel started to introduce the Portuguese culture and customs to all the students from Portugal's geographical location, history. He carefully prepared a large number of pictures and video information, so that we can easily understand the Portuguese architecture, food, special festivals and several representative cities. His introduction for this cultural salon is vividly.In addition, Daniel also shared his feelings of studying in our school and his love of Chinese culture.

In the interactive session, the students were having a lively discussion on the Sino-Portuguese cultural issues,and enthusiastically answer Daniel and João's question. Students who participated in game also received Daniel's carefully selected specialties from Portugal.

After the meeting, the students have said that the Portuguese cultural activities are fantastic, not only let them understand the basic situation, but also improve the professional understanding for Portuguese-language learning students.