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Pakistan is completely different from your imagination!
May 5, 2017Click:

After listening to the cultural introduction about Pakistan by Zahoor Khadeja and Ahmad , the student were sharing with us: “It is completely different from the impression!"

On the evening of April 27, the International Exchange and Cooperation Department invited Zahoor Khadeja and Ahmad Zeshan, who are the students from Pakistan,studying in Chinese language at the Faculty of Arts and Arts in our campus.By having a cultural sharing,which open the unfamiliar part of Pakistan for some Chinese students.

They started from Pakistan’s history,geographical location and other basic information. Besides,they also showed the flag and national emblem, in order to introduced the composition and distribution of Pakistan's population vividly.At the same time, through a large number of pictures and video, students get more understand of the customs from Pakistan.

In addition,they showed  the traditional costumes to the students. Zahoor Khadeja also carefully prepared Hannah hand-painted materials for the students to paint some beautiful national patterns.

In the interactive session, the students were having a discussion on the Sino-Pakistani culture and enthusiastically answer the questions. Students also tried on traditional costumes and Hannah hand-painted. It is known that Hannah hand-painted is an ancient body decoration art, which originated in India,and popular in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa. Hand-painted art in India can be traced back to 5000 years ago, but some experts think it was transferred to India with the the rise of Arab culture and the Mughal dynasty in the twelfth century. The students said that this cultural introduction let them know more information about the real situation in Pakistan.

International Exchange and Cooperation Office hopes to promote understanding and enhance the friendship and development between Chinese students and students from abroad through various forms of cultural activities.