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Delegates of Cardiff University College Visited BNUZ
March 20, 2017Click:

On March 15th, the delegation of Cardiff University: Dr. Stephen Bentley, Dean of International of College of Physical Sciences & Engineering, and Prof. David Walker, Director of International of School of Computer Science & Informatics, visited BNUZ and had meeting with the School of Applied Mathematics and the School of Information Technology respectively.

Dean of the School of Physical Applied Mathematics Prof. Honghai Mi, Associate Dean Prof. Jian Hou, A/Prof. Fei Yuan, A/Prof. Chunhua Hu and Ms. Linli Tang attended the meeting. A/Prof. Fei Yuan made a detailed introduction of the major Applied Statistics to Dr. Bentley and Prof. Walker and they showed great interest in the collaboration on 2+2 programme in Applied Mathematics. Then both sides discussed the entrance requirements, course structure and other details of the programme and reached a preliminary cooperation intention.

Later, Dr. Bentley and Prof. Walker attended the meeting with the School of Information Technology, further discussing the details of Computer Science 2+2 programme with Dean of School of Information Technology Prof. Zhiwen Zhao, Associate Dean Prof. Bo Lang, Dr. Yi Zhao and Dr. Wen Yu. Both sides agree to accelerate the progress of Computer Science 2+2 programme.

Founded in 1883, Cardiff University is one of the members of the Russell Group, with high academic level and excellent quality of scientific research. Cardiff is famous in business, journalism and many other majors, which attracts many students to pursue their studies at Cardiff. Cardiff is also a highly-internationalised university, collaborating with many famous universities at home and abroad. Currently, BNUZ and Cardiff have cooperative programmes in Finance and Human Resources Management.