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The Sino-German Program Successfully Launched by BNUZ and SHB
March 6, 2017Click:

    In January, 2017, the Sino-German Cooperate Study Program in BSc. Digital Media Technology launched by Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai and Steinbeis University Berlin (hereafter referred as “SHB”) was approved by the Ministry of Education, which is the only one Sino-foreign Program of Guangdong province approved in the second half of 2016. This Sino-German Program is the third Sino-foreign undergraduate programs of BNUZ.

    The cooperation model of this program is “4+0” and each year will enrol 120 students. All courses of this program are taught by experienced teaching staff from both universities; 33% of the courses are taught by the teachers of SHB, accounting for 68.6% of professional core courses. Students enrolled in this program will study at BNUZ for 4 years and will be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Engineering of BNUZ and Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Technology of SHB when they have met the requirements of both universities. Both degrees are officially recognised by China and Germany.

    SHB is a non-profit comprehensive university. The “Dual-system” teaching model of SHB offers student double learning experience both from academic knowledge and practical experience. With the pattern of “teach-research-transfer”, SHB becomes the model of applied sciences universities in Germany. The program launched by BNUZ and SHB has combined the academic advantages from both sides, aiming at the cultivation of international inter-disciplinary talents in digital media technology, development of software and hardware, and the operations and marketing on digital media products, with international view, strong cross-cultural communication ability.

More information about this program can be checked out on the website of the Ministry of Education: .