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Students from Kyoritsu Women’s University Visit BNUZ
March 6, 2017Click:

On Saturday, 25th February, students from Kyoritsu Women’s University and their group leader Dr. Zhengqiang Li visited BNUZ campus.

During the visit Prof.Weirong Wang, from the School of Education, BNUZ, gave students a lecture about Cross Cultural Communication.In order to show the differences between behaviours in Western and Eastern culture, Prof. Wang shared some of her own experiences, when she studied in the United States. Prof. Wang’s talk also inspired students to give examples of culture shock based on their own experiences.

Four studentcampus guides from BNUZ showed their guests around the campus. Despite the wet and cold weather on Saturday (which is very unusual for Zhuhai) the visitors’ enthusiasm was not dampened. They were surprised at the natural beauty of the campus, as well as the campus’ architectural features and facilities. They were especially taken aback by the fact that BNUZ has a golf driving range!

All four campus guides had previously studied as exchange students in Japan.One of the campus guides,Zixuan Li, said “I fondly remember my time in Japan, so today has been a good opportunity to share my experiences with my Japanese counterparts. I hope we can have more opportunities to greet guests in the future.”