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SIFE BNUZ Won the Champion and First Runner-up in “Better Water, Better Life” Water Challenge Competition
October 11, 2011Click:

On Sep. 25th, 2011, SIFE BNUZ (Students in Free Enterprise, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai) attended the finals of Swire Beverage – SIFE “Better Water, Better Life” Water Challenge Competition, which was held in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. After fierce competition, two projects presented by our student teams stood out: Phyt-refine Team won the champion and Magic Tea Team won the second place.

Water-saving has always been the global concern. The goal for SIFE China and Swire Beverages (authorized bottler of The Coca-Cola Company) to jointly hold the Competition is to encourage and to support college students to get more involved in the protection and development of China’s water resources and to come out with more innovative ideas from the perspective of new generation.

This competition started in May, 2011, attracted 92 SIFE teams and collected near 100 proposals. With three rounds of competition, both Phyt-refine Team and Magic Tea Team from Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai ranked the Top 5 and entered the finals, defeating teams from prestigious universities like Peking University, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

The Phyt-refine project uses the Layered Planting Method to treat the river sewage, for the sake of sustainable development. The Magic Tea project collects the tea slag to absorb the heavy mental elements in the industrial sewage through a series of chemical treatments. Two projects have received appraise from the judges due to their innovation and feasibility. Team member’s implementation capacity and spirit of teamwork also get recommendation. At the end of the competition, Swire Beverages, SIFE China and experts in water resources chose The Phyt-refine Team to be the champion and Magic Tea Team to be the first runner-up.