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Film Screening:Finding Samuel Lowe: From Harlem to China

Time: 16th October, Tuesday 19:00-21:00

Venue: Room104, Nanxi Yuan (School of Arts and Communication)


Film Introduction:

Three successful black siblings from Harlem discover their heritage by searching for clues about their long-lost Chinese grandfather, Samuel Lowe. Retired NBC Universal executive Paula Williams Madison and her brothers, Elrick and Howard Williams, were raised in Harlem by their Chinese Jamaican mother, Nell Vera Lowe. Nell encouraged them to realize the rags-to-riches American dream, resulting in their growth from welfare recipients to wealthy entrepreneurs. In order to fulfil a promise to their mother to connect to her estranged father's people, they embark on a journey to uncover their ancestral roots. At its heart, this is a story about familial love and devotion that transcends race, space and time. 

Film Producer: Jeanette Kong 江明月


Jeanette Kong is a faculty member in School of Design. She is a Jamaican-born, Canadian documentary filmmaker and researcher of Hakka heritage. She worked in Canadian broadcasting for more than 13 years at TVOntario, a provincial, public, educational TV station as a producer and director.

Finding Samuel Lowe: From Harlem to China is her third documentaries on the overseas Hakka experience in Jamaica. Her research was instrumental in reuniting the family of Samuel Lowe after almost a hundred years of separation. The film won two Audience Choice Awards at the ReelWorld Film Festival in 2015. Her first film The Chiney Shop explores the ways in which the Hakka contributed to Jamaican society through the operation of grocery stores. Her second film Half: The Story of a Chinese-Jamaican Son documents the experiences of a mixed-race child in rural Guangdong Province in the 1930s.

Special Guests: 

Two of the subjects of the documentary, Paula Madison and Luo Minjun will join us at the screening and take questions from the audience. 


                       Paula Madison                                                                                                 Luo Minjun 罗敏君


We welcome you to join us on Tuesday evening.


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