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New impression on Pakistan, it’s totally fanstic!

On the evening of April 27th, Office of International Exchange & Cooperation invited Zahoor Khadeja and Ahmad Zeshan, the students from Pakistan, to do a spectacular cultural sharing Both of them are currently studying in School of Chinese in BNUZ.

Through the history, geographical location, flag and national emblem, of Pakistan, as well as a large number of pictures and videos, they vividly introduced to everyone comprehensively. Meanwhile, they shared their traditional apparels with students, and Zahoor Khadeja also carefully prepared Hannah hand-painted material for the audiance and painted some beautiful national patterns on studnets' arms.

In the interaction section, the students were having a lively discussion on the culture differences between China and Pakistan, and enthusiastically answered Zahoor Khadeja and Ahmad Zeshan 's questions. Students who participated in the sharing said that it gave them a new impression of Pakistan. 

Office of International Exchange and Cooperation will arrange various cultural introduction and fantastic activities to improve mutual understandings between Chinese students and international students.