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IELTS English Teachers

The International Cooperation Program of Design and Communication of BNUZ (Guangdong, China) is now hiring native English speakers who are able to teach IELTS Oral and Written English in full-time. The language courses are especially offered to undergraduate students who study in the following fields: Visual Communication, Fashion Design, Product Design, Digital/Interface Design and Advertising. The non-language courses of above-mentioned majors are taught in both English and Chinese. From 3rd year on, many of our students choose to transfer to overseas universities.


1. Native English Speaker

2. A Bachelor’s degree or above with at least two years of related experiences in ESL teaching

3. ESL Teaching Certificate holders

4. Interested in English education and patient enough with students

5. Under 60 years old (work permit restriction)

6. On-boarding Dates1st Sep. 2017.

Payment and Benefits

1. CNY 180~200 (before tax), approximately 27~30 USD, each classroom teaching hour (45mins) for teachers; two semesters in one academic year, around 17 teaching weeks in each semester and 18-22 teaching hours in one week;

2. Transportation expense could be reimbursed (no more than CNY 7,000 per year);

3. One-bedroom apartment with one living room and a kitchen offered at a fairly low rental price about CNY 1,000 per month (including water and electric bills) and is furnished with basic facilities: a bed, a television set, an air conditioner and a washing machine, etc.;

4. Working in regular hours (no work on weekends); summer holidays and winter holidays are available.

To apply for the position, please email your resume, cove letter and a color scan copy of your passport, diploma or qualification certificate, and a recommendation letter from your most recent employer to Ms.Yang Xue(Rachel) at

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