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Vice President Dr. Vanessa Lemm at Flinders University visits BNUZ
March 25, 2019Click:

On the morning of March 22nd, 2019, Prof. Vanessa Lemm, Vice President at Flinders University and Executive Dean of College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Ms. Katie Cavanagh, lecturer in the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Digital Media), Mr. David Nettlefold, Manager of International Recruitment and Engagement, Ms. Xiaoyun Zhao, Manager of International Engagement (Partnership & TNE) and Ms. Yongyao Ruan, In-Country Representative of Flinders International visited BNUZ. Prof. Ailan Fu, Vice President (Strategic & International Engagement and Development), Prof. Yafei Xu, Dean of School of Design, Mr. Yaming Liu, Head of Department of Digital Media Art, and Dr. Yue Qiu, Director of Office of International Exchange & Cooperation welcomed the guests and had a meeting in Muduo building.


Prof. Ailan Fu held a welcome speech on the behalf of BNUZ at the beginning. Then he briefly introduced BNUZ as well as the current situation of international engagement. Both parties had a discussion and reached the consensus of maintaining the current 2+2 program, exploring potential cooperation projects, and furthering the development of internationalization between two universities. Prof. Lemm highly appraised the environment and levels of internationalization of BNUZ. She hoped that more BNUZ students could know Flinders University and more students in Flinders University can study in China.


During the visit, Ms. Katie Cavanagh delivered a speech, The Twelve Principles of Animation, to students of 2+2 program of School of Design. Students gave positive response and showed great interest in studying in Flinders.


Flinders University, established in 1966, is an active, modern and initiative university. It is well known for its medical care, nursing and creative arts. Flinders University and BNUZ have signed the agreement of 2+2 dual-degree program of Digital Media Art in 2017.