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The Fourth Oxford Summer Program Unveiled in July
August 22, 2017Click:

On the afternoon of 2nd July, a group of 40 students and 2 teachers from Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai arrived at London Heathrow Airport, for summer study programme in Hertford College, Oxford University. The summer programme is about English Language and British Culture. The students who attended this programme were from 12 different schools in BNUZ.

Over the course of this one-month study trip, students improved their English ability a lot. They also got chance to take part in lots of cultural activities such punting, watching a Shakespeare play, having a Cheese and Wine night. They also visited London, Cambridge and Bath. The Oxford Summer Programme not only brings students a chance to experience Great Britain's culture but also served to broaden students' outlooks on the world, which in turn inspired them to think more independently and critically.  

Student Yu Mingyang, who is from the School of Chinese, said “This summer programme gave me a chance to experience what normal life is like in the UK, and as a result of the communication with my teachers and RAs I understood more about British culture, and how the University influenced the city of Oxford in many ways. For example the university encouraged people to kind to homeless people and be polite to each other. ”  

“The group of students from BNUZ worked really hard here, some of them gave really impressive final presentations at the end of the trip” said Ms. Caroline Rice, Director of International Office, Hertford College.

By the end of the programme, Hertford College held a gala dinner for BNUZ group.