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Professor Richard Gatward Faculty Head of International, Faculty of Technology De Montfort University Visit BNUZ
June 23, 2017Click:

On the afternoon of 14th June, Professor Richard Gatward from De Montfort University, Faculty of Engendering visited BNUZ, and had a meeting with Prof. Huang Jin, Vice Dean of School of Information Technology, Dr. Hongsheng Chen, Head of Department of Computer Science, SIT.

Professor Huang Jin, presented a sincerely welcome to Professor Gatward, and sincerely thanks to his support to 2+2 program of School of Information Technology. Over the past few months, Professor Gatward has been assisting with the setting up of a new 2+2 program partnership with the School of Information Technology. 2+2 dual degree programs are programmes between Chinese and oversea universities, normally students study two years in China and two years in oversea universities, who can get two degree from both Chinese and oversea universities.

Professor Huang Jin also went over the previous relationship between DMU and BNUZ and introduced the condition of Computer Science and Technology 2+2 program. In 2002, BNUZ singed MOU with DMU, then in 2004 the first 2+2 BNUZ cohort went to study in DMU, and up to now, there are 211 students in total went to DMU for their further study. The CST 2+2 program is one of the 14 2+2 programs in BNUZ, it will start the recruitment in 2017, and the School of Information Science and Technology plans to recruit 50 students in total for the first cohort, and the class of 2019 will be the first cohort to study abroad. The School of Information Technology is currently negotiating with several overseas universities, in order to increase the amount of 2+2 programs available to students at BNUZ.

During the meeting, Professor Gatward made a speech in which the expressed his happiness to be able to further the cooperation between DMU and BNUZ.