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The first “Zhuhai College Student’s Sports Festival” Held in BNUZ
May 23, 2017Click:

On May 19, 2017,  “Zhuhai College Student’s Sports Festival” opened in BNUZ. It is the first time of Zhuhai held a College Student’s Sports Festival.

“College Student’s Sports Festival” is one of divisions of “Zhuhai Civic Sports Game”. Besides, there’re also “open division, paralyzed division, staff division, company division, older-age division and kid division.”

“Health, exercise, joy and participation” are the main theme of the event. During the opening ceremony, Students performed the Lion-dance, Swim-suit show, Canoeing skills, Cheer Dance and Taekwondo.

After the ceremony, the college student’s basketball game, football game, volleyball game and cheer dance game will begin playing. BNUZ will undertake ALL games of the first Zhuhai College Student’s Sports Festival”.