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Delegation of BNUZ School of Franchise Management Attending International Academic Conference in Taiwan
November 15, 2011Click:

During Nov. 9th to Nov. 13rd, Prof. Xuesi Wang, vice dean of School of Franchise Management, leads other seven faculty members to Taiwan to attend “2011 International Franchise Summit”, which was jointly held by Hsing-Wu Institute of Technology, BNUZ School of Franchise Management and Taiwan Coalition of Service Industries

This summit was held in a brand new International Conference Hall of Hsing-Wu Institute of Technology, Taiwan. Experts and scholars from the US, UK, Australia, Malaysia as well as counterparts in two sides of Taiwan Strait, representatives of Taiwan industry and commerce gathered together and discussed the current situation and future of franchise in different markets around the world.

In the first section of the summit, Prof. Xuesi Wang delivered a keynote speech named “Important Trends of Franchise in Mainland China”. In the speech, Prof. Wang concluded the development trends of franchise in mainland China from eight perspectives. This visionary speech won great acclamation form the presented experts. The speech also mentioned the unique functions of franchise in the near future, especially in the 12 Five-year Plan periods. Those functions would include bettering food and consumption safety, facilitating channel construction of our-wards enterprises selling products domestically, promoting community service and the upgrading of village circulation, helping the implementation of service industry “go global” etc., which are innovative.

As a co-organizer of this summit, BNUZ School of Franchise Management gave great emphasis to this event and were very supportive to the organizing committee. Eight high level theses were contributed for the summit, including “A Study on Strategies of Human Resource Management under Globalization and Different Culture Environments” from Prof. Deqi Cong, etc.

At the end of the summit, Prof. Wang extended his heartfelt thanks to the Taiwan co-organizers and related departments as well as those who received the delegation warmly. And he also sincerely invited participated scholars and representatives from industry and commerce section, especially Taiwan compatriots, to attend the “2013 27th anniversary meeting of ISoF (International Society of Franchise)”. This meeting will be hosted by Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai and it would be the first time to open in Asia. Participants’ warm feedback about this proposal drew a successful ending to this Taiwan Summit.