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President Chen Meet with BNUZ Three People Basketball Team ---- Runner-up of TBBA
December 7, 2011Click:

On 26th November 2011, the One Hi Cup — Basketball Competition for the 3rd TBBA (short for China Teenage Basketball Association) ends in Shanghai. The BNUZ team: Angelababe, composed by Yujun Chen from the School of Real Estate, Zhenghang Liang from International Business Faculty, Zhirong Qiu from the School of Management and Wenjie He from the School of Design, won the second prize in the final competition.

Prof. Guangju Chen, President of BNUZ meet with the team members on the afternoon of 2nd December. In the meeting, Prof. Chen expressed warm congratulations to them and acquired detailed situation about the competition: Angelababe had gone through several screenings; it had won the champions of BNUZ Division Congress and Guangdong Province Division Congress, and got the chance into the final competition. In the first round of the final match, Wenjie He was seriously injured, but he still attended the competition and made it to win the 2nd prize. After hearing students’ statement, Prof. Chen praised the students and extended his heartfelt regards to them with a big smile.

Besides, Prof. Chen said that the reformation of physical education is underway, both men and women basketball teams, as well as other sport activities, are making great progress; meanwhile, the university will continue to offer supports. He encouraged students to practice more after finishing their study, and to influence other students to take part in sport activities. In the end, Prof. Chen took photos with them.

The good news from BNUZ Basketball Team has been a great congratulation to the 10th Anniversary of BNUZ.