International Cooperation
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A Undergraduate Co-operations (Degree Program)
i   2+2 & 3+1 Credit Recognition Program (Double Degree and/or Single Overseas University Degree)

ii  1+3 Credit Recognition Program (Single Overseas University Degree Only)

B Postgraduate (Degree Program)
i  1+3+1 Credit Recognition Program
ii  4+1 Credit Recognition Program
iii  4+2 Credit Recognition Program

C Summer Program (4-8 Weeks Non-Degree Program)
Students of BNUZ can have a stay of one or two months at an overseas university, during an academic term or a summer vacation, so as to take some courses offered or participate in some internship program.
   BNUZ Students Head to Australia for Summer Program
   17 Overseas Students Joining IYLP in China
   Briefing Session: 2014 SMU-Acadia Summer Program
   Summer Program in College of Mount Saint Vincent
   The Second International Chinese Studies Held in BNUZ
   BNUZ Fully Complete Overseas Summer Programs

D Student Exchange Program (One Semester Non-Degree Program)
The two cooperative universities can exchange students. The credits students obtained during their study in either university can be mutually recognized in a flexible manner.
   BNUZ First Send Exchange Students to IPB and SMU

E Short-term Courses in BNUZ
BNUZ offers Short-term course which including Chinese Learning, cultural exploring tour, and internship. These courses are conducted by the experts from both cooperated universities. Students from overseas universities involved in this Chinese learning program will have a chance to carry out an internship in a Chinese enterprise or public institution.

F Teachers’ Exchange Program
i  Exchange of teachers to teach at both our universities
ii  Exchange of teachers to pursue further study at both our universities

G International Chinese Studies
A truly international mobility program featuring classroom instructions by a combination ofinternational and local professors, field trips and internship opportunity in China.
   The International Chinese Studies Program Fully Complete

H Other Cooperative Program Opportunities
i  Cooperation in compiling textbooks or designing teaching softwares
ii  Tailor-made courses conducted by both universities
iii  Co-hosting of international academic conferences