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School of Real Estate

Resource Environment and Urban Planning Management

Real Estate Management

The School of Real Estate shares various resources with universities, government organizations, and relevant enterprises. Based on the industrial reality and needs of the society, it aims at fostering practical professionals specializing in real estate development and management, real estate brokerage, land management and planning, and urban planning and management. Students are expected to lay a solid theoretical foundation, master practical skills and have innovative awareness.

The school, as one of the five oldest schools in BNUZ, has two majors:esource Environment & Urban Planning and Management and Real Estate Management; the latter is considered a brand project of the university.

The school has a strong team of teaching staff, with a combination of academic and professional experience. In addition, it has recruited a number of famous experts, home and abroad, in real estate, land resource management, and urban planning and developing strategy, and invited some well-known entrepreneurs from the leading real estate enterprises as our special professors, visiting professors or senior lecturers.

By particularly emphasizing a combination of classroom teaching and internship practice, the school has maintained intensive cooperative relationship with relevant government organizations, enterprises, industrial associations in real estate area, and built up 70 internship bases with rich resources in the industry.

Since its foundation, the school has laid emphasis on integration with the development of the industry, stuck to full development of production, teaching and research. Approved by the university, "the Real Estate Research Institute of BNUZ" was established in November, 2005; "the Resource Environment Research Institute" was set up in June, 2008, and a consulting company on real estate was founded in 2007. In November, 2005, it issued Real Estate Age, a magazine connected the school to the outside world; in 2007, it started Digest and Review on Real Estate, which has become a platform to initiate academic discussions, and an important base for students to study and practice.

There are 1108 students in the school now.In the years of 2006,2007,2008 and 2009,the employments rates reach 98%.

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