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School of Logistics

Logistics Management

Logistics Engineering

The Logistics College was jointly founded by BNUZ and Beijing Materials Institute (BMI) in January, 2003, aiming at cultivating professionals of comprehensive knowledge in modern logistic management and logistic systems design. The college has two majors: Logistic Management and Logistic Engineering. The number of current full-time undergraduates is approximately 1,500. In 2007 and 2008, more than 500 students graduated; the majority were offered satisfactory jobs or admitted to graduate schools home and abroad. Ding Junfa, top counselor of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, Professor Liu Muchun, president of BMI, and Professor Wang Jiaqiong, dean of BMI are the honorary deans. Professor Zhang Huiying is the dean.

The Logistics College has a high-level faculty with rich teaching experience; 60% of them have master degrees. A number of renowned scholars home and abroad are invited to be visiting professors of the college, such as Mr. Li Jingwen, an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mr. Mu Weizhong, President of China Logistics Technology Association, Mr. Huang Fuhua, President of the Hongkong Logistics Association, and Mr. Ted Wallin, Professor of Syracuse University.

Our teachers undertake teaching responsibilities of courses of the college and some general courses of the university, lectures and training courses for businesses. In addition to teaching, the teachers are actively involved in academic research, which leads to preferable economic and social benefits, as well as winning prizes in the academic circles around the country.

The college has initiated exchange programs with overseas universities, sharing teaching resources. It set up "2+2" international courses, cooperating with Curtin University of Technology in Australia and the Singapore Institute of Materials Management in 2005, and it is in the process of negotiating exchange programs with Zeeland Universities and Monash University, to set up postgraduate programs. With an aim to serve the society and the enterprises, the college is making efforts to launch different training and educational programs.

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