International Cooperation
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School of Art and Communication

Movie & TV (including Literature of Theatre, Film & Television, Television Producing, Photography of Movies and Television)

Culture Industry Management

Based on the academic philosophy of BNU, the School of Arts and Communication adheres to the policy of international education and devotes to cultivating talented professionals with a solid foundation of the specialty and innovative awareness in the fields of arts and journalism & communication.

The school shares an excellent teaching team with BNU, including a number of top experts and scholars, who are national prize winners such as the Plum Blossom Prize and the Splendor Award, or have obtained the special allowance of the State Council, or famous artists and writers experienced in the fields of culture and arts. All the teachers who majored in non-arts have a doctoral or master's degree.

The school has five departments, including Department of Movie & TV, Acting and Art Education Department, Department of Communication, Department of Advertising and Department of Management. There are 5 majors with 13 orientations. Regular courses in the field of Arts include Movie & TV, Acting and Art Education. Regular courses in the field of non-Arts include Communication, Advertising, and Culture Industry Management.

The school has established cooperative partnerships with famous universities such as University of Westminster (Britain), University of Bedfordshire (Britain), Loyola University (US), to initiate a new model of teaching and management.

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