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International Business Faculty

Business Administration

International Economics and Trade

The International Business Faculty is a unification of the Business Faculty, the International Finance Faculty and the International Faculty in 2009. The faculty is internationalized, business based and diversity featured, aiming to cultivate creative business leaders, and foster extroverted, well-rounded, application-oriented professionals who have solid academic knowledge, high levels of English, strong practical ability and an international outlook. These professionals can work in all business-related fields both at home and abroad.

The faculty adheres to the principles of educational innovation and international cooperation. It seeks an effective way to cultivate students by using high-quality overseas educational resources and collaborating with overseas universities. It has already established partnerships with over 50 overseas universities in Great Britain, the U.S.A, Canada, Australia and other countries.

Most courses in the faculty are taught in English, the curricula and some of the textbooks are comparable to the ones in high-ranking overseas universities. The faculty employs teachers with either Master's degree or Ph.D's, and many teachers have overseas experience. Many subjects are taught by overseas professors. In addition, it provides IELTS test training courses to improve students' English.

The faculty implements a credit system and sets up three different categories of subjects-- Foundational Courses, Academic Courses and Optional Courses. The curriculum includes different modules, based on students' interests and future employment planning. All these can provide the students with wider and more flexible choices.

The faculty has already sent nearly 1,000 students abroad for their junior and senior years, 30% have entered the top-ranking universities in the world, and over 70% of the students have started their postgraduate studies or training to get professional certificates. Some of the top-ranking universities which have enrolled our students are: Cambridge University, The London School of Economics, Imperial College London, University of Southern California, University of Washington, Indiana University and the University of Melbourne.

Many enterprises have become our internship and employment bases. Some of the enterprises are Fortune 500 companies, foreign鈥搊wned business, government institutions or enterprises related to finance, commerce, taxation and customs. Our graduates are competitive and achieve high employment rates.

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