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School of Management

Public Service Administration
Labor and Social Security
Information Management and Information System
Human Resource Management

The School of Management was founded in 2002, on the basis of the distinguished educational resources of BNU. It is one of the oldest faculties in our university. Up to 2009, the total number of students has amounted to 1,400.

Professor Jiang Zhenghua, the Vice-Chairperson of the National People's Congress (NPC) of the People's Republic of China and a well-known management expert, serves as the Honorary Dean; Professor Tang Renwu, a doctoral supervisor and a winner of the State Council's Government Allowances, serves as the Chairman of the Academic Committee of the school.

The school has an outstanding teaching team. Both the honorary and executive deans of the school are renowned scholars in the field, many of the teachers are professors or Ph.D holders and, associate professors and lecturers constitute the core of the teaching staff. The school also employs experts, professors, and officials, managers from enterprises, home and abroad, to be the part-time professors, visiting professors or lecturers. A great proportion of the teachers have overseas educational background or managing experiences.

The school has established a broad cooperative relationship with some prominent enterprises, which provides internship or job opportunities for students to improve their practical skills and competitiveness.

Now there are 1140 students in the school.

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