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School of Government and Law

Administrative Management
Social Work Studies

The School of Government and Law was established in 2003 on the quest of economic and social development in 21st century in China. It is dedicated to developing all-round professionals in law and administration. At present, it has two majors: Law and Administration Management. It has offered to students of other faculties courses of a minor and a major for a second Bachelor's Degree. The number of undergraduates amounted to 1,100 in 2008 and 400 students of other faculties take law as their second major.

The school has an excellent team of teachers, including professors, associate professors, and lecturers with profuse knowledge. All the teachers below 55 years old have a master degree; 45% of them have a Ph. D, which are all awarded by renowned universities in China, such as Peking University, People's University of China, Jilin University, Wuhan University, etc; 60% of the teachers have professional certificates. Renowned scholars home and abroad, are regularly invited to give lectures or to be our guest teachers. The dean is Professor Yu Fengzheng, a doctoral supervisor from School of Political Science and International Studies of BNU.

Adhering to a students-oriented principle, the school gives priority to the development of students' innovative thinking, awareness and practice, by setting up various interest groups and student leagues, and inviting scholars or experts to give lectures. It particularly lays much emphasis on guiding students to nurture their research awareness and cultivate their research skills; it provides platforms for students to participate in research work, which aims at fostering their innovative thinking. In recent years, we have formed 100 research teams; more than 400 students have succeeded in applying for the research programs of the university. We provide opportunities for students to have internships at some enterprises in the Pearl River Delta area, in supportive of students' participating in social and professional practice.

After 6 years of dedicated efforts, the school has made a number of achievements in a favorable academic atmosphere. The passing rate of the CET-4 of our school is far beyond other schools of the same level and our graduates are widely acclaimed by the public.

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