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School of Franchise Management

Franchise Management

Marketing(Brand Management Orientation)

Franchise business was publicly recognized as the most successful business mode in the 20th century around the world; it is one of the driving forces and core business patterns in the new global economy. China is a country with the greatest growth potential in franchising and its entry into the WTO accelerates its economic growth, hence in an urgent need of a large number of professionals on franchise management.

As the first college offering "franchising management" for higher education in Asia, the Franchise Management School sticks to an educational guideline of a combination of international horizons and concrete practice, of wide knowledge and profound specialty, of a humanistic spirit and knowledge-based economy, and of innovative capability and personality shaping.

Armed with a century's educational experience and the resources of BNU and the essence of today's knowledge in franchise management, the school distinguishes itself with an innovative approach in teaching. It emphasizes "Management Practices", "Case Studies", and "Global Characterization", combining theory with practice in a "3+1" model. It means students will finish the study both in theoretical and practical aspects of franchise business and receive innovative training in 3 years. On the 4th year, students will have an opportunity to take an internship in a prominent franchise. With over 70 cooperative internship bases, the school is dedicated to providing students with the essentials in knowledge, entrepreneurial mindset as well as the spirit of persistent pursuit of success.

The school has a team of excellent teachers, home and abroad, who are experienced in academic research and business. The team is made up of renowned scholars and professors and associate professors, as well as the professional lecturers who are taking on the responsibilities of driving the discipline construction of Chinese franchise. By now, the teaching staff members have completed the exploitation of major courses on franchise management, and have published a series of academic works and textbooks. Professor Andrew Terry, a veteran expert on franchising and the dean of School of Business Law and Taxation in the University of New South Wales, is the honorary dean of the school.

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