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School of Foreign Languages

English (with 6 different orientations):

Business English
Tourism and Translation
English Language and Literature
English Education
With colleges English teachings as its basis and English major teaching as its core , the faculty of foreign languages of Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai (or BNUZ) is committed to cultivating interdisciplinary ,practical professionals with a solid foundation on one or two foreign languages and on another specialty /major .

The dean is professor Tao Wenhao ,a doctor of English linguistics and postgraduate supervisor who used to study at Oxford University .The teachers of English majors all graduated from or taught at top-ranking universities in China and many used to study or work abroad .The faculty frequently invites renowned scholars home and aboard to give lectures to the students and teachers and has established a long-term friendly ,cooperative relationship on academic exchanges with a couple of foreign universities, such as ,Griffith university in Australia and the university of Bedfordshire in Britain.

The faculty boasts a group of highly qualified English native teachers, accounting for one fifth of the teaching staff. All of them are from English-specking countries, including Britain, America, Canada, Australia ,and new Zealand ,and have a Bachelor's degree or a higher degree and correspondent teaching qualifications ,and quite a number of them even have a doctorate . Students of the university, therefore, have the opportunity to communicate in English with the English-native speakers, at the beginning of their college life.

The school-running features of the Faculty of Foreign Languages are as follows: First, Orientations of two foreign languages. The faculty has set up English-Japanese and English-French orientations to cultivate professionals with good linguistic competence of two foreign languages .Second, an emphasis on business English. Courses of business English are offered to students of all the six orientations to cultivate professionals who will meet the needs of modern society and of those business-related enterprises. Third ,the cultivation of interdisciplinary professionals .The faculty is working out the curriculum of "Small Module" courses ,such as two or three core courses of business ,law ,or management ,so as to enable students to learn a "second specialty" besides foreign languages .The aim is to cultivate double egree students who, after graduation ,will be proficient in one or two foreign languages and good at another major/skill .to express it in a formula ,it can be: "F(one or two foreign languages being the first degree)+M(another major ,such as law or business, being the second degree)". The Faculty of Foreign Languages will step up its efforts to realize the enrollment plan of accepting candidates of this type.

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