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School of Education


Home Economics
Preschool Education
Applied Psychology

BNU is noted for its Pedagogy and Psychology Departments, two disciplines which are among the most advanced and well-known in China. The School of Education, by drawing on resources of the disciplines of BNU and of the experiences of its teaching staff, has made a new model of an international school based on profound academic traditions.

The School of Education was established in 2002; it set up 4 departments with 4 majors, including Department of Educational Management (Education major), Department of Home Economics (Home Economics major), Department of Childhood Education (Preschool Education major) and Department of Applied Psychology (Applied Psychology major).In 2009, the total number of undergraduates amounts to 1,073.

Professor Gu Mingyuan, President of the Chinese Education Association, and Professor Zhang Houcan, Vice-president of the International Union of Psychological Science, are professors of the school. Professor Gu Mingyuan is the honorary dean, Professor Wu Zhongkui, a scholar of Comparative Education and Vice-president of BNUZ, is the academic head and Professor Wang Jiancheng is the dean.

The School of Education boasts an excellent teaching staff: there are top scholars in education and psychology and quite a number of professors with a Ph. D. The school has close academic ties with institutions of tertiary education in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, and many other countries. It also collaborates closely with enterprises, industries for knowledge exchange and cooperation.

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