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School of Applied Mathematics

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (2 Orientations: Mathematics Teaching and Applied Statistics)

Information and Computing Science

The School of Applied Mathematics was founded in June, 2006. It has two majors:athematics Applied Mathematics and Information Computing Science. The former includes two Specializations: applied statistics and mathematics teaching. Among the 35 staff members, 8 are professors and 7 are associate professors. The total number of undergraduates amounted to 300 in 2008.

The school has formed an atmosphere of diligence, preciseness, factuality, and innovation. It pays much attention to training students' capabilities in scientific thinking, computer using, self teaching, and problems analyzing and solving. In addition, it strives to improve students' interpersonal skills and their mastery of humanistic knowledge and attaches great importance to teaching quality . It is also strict with students, encouraging them to be self-disciplined and have a strong sense of responsibility.

In order to improve students' scientific thinking way and enthusiasm in learning, the school has encouraged and organized the students to attend the mathematic competitions held by the Ministry of Education of China since 2008, and has made great achievements.

The school adopts different teaching models according to students' different interests, aptitudes and future career planning. It also offers optional courses related to mathematics to different majors; each of the courses has different class period and textbooks. All these efforts are recognized by the students and colleagues of the university.

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