International Students
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Q1:Who can apply?
A1: 
aged from 18 to 30, with good health; 
have valid passport;

Q2: What are the materials that the international students need to submit?
A2: 
Application form of Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai Campus for international students; 
Letter of guardian and financial guarantee; 
High school transcripts; 
High school diploma; 
Two letters of recommendation; 
Copy of HSK certificate or certificate of Chinese learning (including total time of study) 
Copy of valid passport 
Two passport photographs 
¥450 Application fee

Q3: What is the tuition fee and related costs?
A3: 
Tuition fee: 24000 RMB per year(Bachelor's Arts); 26800RMB per year(other bachelor degrees) 
Accommodation fee: 500RMB each person per year; it would be varied according to different kinds of dorms. 
Living expenses:300RMB~500RMB 
The cost for visa, intermediary services and travel need to be covered by students; 
The costs must be paid with RMB.

Q4: Will the BNUZ provide any extra tutoring courses for international students who cannot use Chinese as a daily language?
A4: 
School of Chinese will provide Chinese language training courses for the students. After getting the required HSK certificate, the students can continue their study in particular major. 
Some classes for Chinese language and Chinese culture will be offered. 
Besides, there is one-to-one tutoring to help international students overcome language barrier and cultural shock as soon as possible.

Q5: Which type of class will the international students attend, independent class or combined class?
A5: It depends on the enrollment situations of different majors. 
Independent class will be established if the number of international students of the same major can reach a certain number. 
The international students will be in the same class with Chinese students, if the number cannot reach that number. 
Teaching plans remain the same for either the independent class or combined class. 
International students can freely choose the required courses such as Chinese Language and Chinese Culture, and BNUZ admits the credits.

Q6:When is the admission date for international students?
A6: Generally speaking, annual admission starts at the beginning of September. You will be informed of the specific time of enrollment in the admission notice.

Q7: Can the graduate international students find a job in China or apply for an extension of delay?
A7: 
According to the regulations, international students with International Student Visa for Study in China can take a part-time job which is not commercial activity while studying at college. 
If students want to find a job or engage in business in China after graduate, he needs to reissue the visa. 
Students who want to postpone the time to leave China will have to extend the visa before the former one become invalid.

Q8: How to contact BNUZ if I want to apply for it?
A8: 
Tel: 0086-756-6126756 
Fax:0086-756-6126522 